Our Journey in Tango Continues, DC 2019

Our Journey in Tango continues, Washington, D.C. 2019

Our journey in Argentine Tango continues as I return to the D.C. area on April 6th – 15th, 2019,  I will be offering Private Lessons for singles, couples, a small group of 4 couples in DC area.

Dance like a milonguero from Buenos Aires!

Our Focus will be on walking, connecting, musicality, and dancing on the social dance floor in comfort. we will also explore the external vocabulary of tango, vals, milonga, and dancing it to the requirement of the social floor within the music. This would encourage your creativity in the dance without restrictions and will help you to become a universal dancer.

After so many years of dancing (since 1995) and years of teaching tango, (since 2003) I learned that almost all the figures could be danced in an embrace in a small or crowded spaces without interfering the flow of the dance floor and I will help you to achieve that!

I also teach the technique of stage dancing, performing, figures, nuevo style, and choreograph for the performers as well in Argentine tango, other Latin dances, and Ballroom.

Schedule, Location: 
Washington D.C. area

April 7th – 14th, 2019 from 12-6 pm
Contact Shahin: 505-920-9987/ 575-779-0712 RSPV is required!
or email: ellatidodeltango@artsfe.com

Private 1-hour lesson: $80 for singles, $100 for couples to share a lesson ($50 each) 

For all the participant: please bring your practice shoes. Ladies, please note: high heels are for the milonga, it is practical to have practice shoes to learn foot work!

DC Tango Workshop 2019

Our Participants

Our wonderful milongueras and milongueros!!! Thank you everyone who joined us in the workshop. it was amazing to have you all together!

DC Tango Workshop Participants

What an amazing group of dancers tonight at Farrah Javid and Arastou Pesian Javid’s lovely home. A wonderful group lesson and a great milonga. Thank you everyone for making the evening lovely and unforgettable!

Our pratica and a lovely milonga after our class together.